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For large CMS websites it's crucial for users to be able to find relevant content using Search page. Unfortunately in current implementation the actual page text (what's inside content blocks) isn't used during search which might result from page relevance indicator drop (in search results) to not even showing needed page.


  1. add new "l1_PageContent" column to the "PageRevisions" table
  2. collect text only (remove all HTML markup) from all page content blocks (on content block add/edit/delete) - the "PageContent.l1_Content" column
  3. put it into newly added "PageRevisions.l1_PageContent" column
  4. add new setting to "Configuration > Website > Search" page to represent relevance (in search results) for "PageRevisions.l1_PageContent" of currently approved page revision

In above plan all columns that name start with "l1_" are multilingual columns and separate column is created for each language.

Related Tasks


  1. Some related work as been done already in rCCD15050 commit.

  2. The information collected after implementing above plan can be used to enhance Admin Console's sections grid by showing an icon (not sure about UI, maybe a cell/row background would work better) to distinguish different section types:

    • CMS pages with content
    • folders only

    That would address the comment.


    Dmitry Andrejev [Intechnic], what is your opinion on this sections grid enhancement idea?