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  • [cms] Navigation improvement in "Website & Content > Structure & Data" section [5.3.0-B1]
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The current navigation controls look like this:

  1. the page/section tree on the left allows to locate page in structure and show its child pages 
  2. the page name on the right opens screen for page property editing
  3. the shortcut icon open page on Front-End to see how end user would see it

What I personally found confusing is that:

  1. Page name is link for it's editing instead of entering into it to see the sub-pages. If we emulate the way how File Manager works (e.g. Windows Explorer), then it should enter inside a folder when clicked on it's name.
  2. The shortcut icon is way too small to be usable. Either we need to enlarge the icon (or use different icon) or just different UI solution to make it usable.

Let me know what you think. Since Andrew Kucheriavy [Intechnic] was behind "click page name to edit" idea, then he might have some thoughts about it.

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