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  • [cms] Wrong page name (incorrect language) used in CKEditor link dialog [5.3.0-B1]
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Consider following scenario:

  1. In-Portal has 2+ languages
  2. page names are translated into each of the languages
  3. each page has different anchors (entered in it's content blocks) depending on language
  4. in "Content Mode" user:
    1. opens content block editing popup
    2. changes language to non-primary
    3. adds link to internal page


  1. internal page names in dropdown are shown on primary language (and not one user is selected for data entry)
  2. selected page anchors are shown from primary language as well (it's impossible for user to link to the anchor on different page language)


Imported from Wiki. Originally suggested by SergeyG.


  1. when preparing options for CKEditor (see "fckFCKHelper::prepareConfig" method) add new "KernelLanguage" option with value of "m_lang" request variable
  2. in /core/ckeditor/plugins/my_link/plugin.js file pass value of "KernelLanguage" option to the URL that loads internal pages (one that has "OnLoadCmsTree" event in it)

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