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  • Allow to exclude items from search [5.3.0-B1]
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Right now if an item (page, category, link, article, etc.) is entered in the database, then built-in search engine will find it. In some cases this behavior isn't desired one (e.g. some secret page, that can only be accessed with a direct link).


  1. add the "IncludeInSearch" checkbox (checked by default) to categories & category items
  2. in the "OnSimpleSearch" event take the value of above checkbox into account
  3. when during automatic theme scan red folders are created (categories, that were specified in meta comment of found templates) then don't include them in search by default
  4. as part of upgrade script exclude red folders from search

Code for dealing with red folders can be taken from related discussion implementation.

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  1. This sort of (as patch to "OnSimpleSearch") was implemented in rOSP28200.