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  • [in-link] Paid links doesn't get added/removed from categories [5.2.2-B1]
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The link enhancement is the way of link owners to make their link stand out in catalog. How exactly enhancement happens can be configured by adding new "Listing Type" in In-Link:

One of the supported features is "adding to a category" while link is enhanced. For example it can be "Featured Links" category that is shown on homepage. Unfortunately it doesn't work at all right now because the "EnhanceLink" and "ResetLink" methods doesn't use listing type record of currently processed link, but rather the default empty listing type record.


In the "ListingsEventHandler" class do the following:

  1. make "UpdateLink" method return objects "link" and "listing type" that were used
  2. make the "EnhanceLink" and "ResetLink" methods use returned "link" and "listing type" objects instead of retrieving own broken copies

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  1. Increasing priority for this, because in In-Link 5.3.x during automatic expired listing removal procedure from CRON this ends up in Fatal Error.