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  • Add ability to search by page content blocks [5.3.0-B1]
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In-Portal allows to search for data, entered in Catalog, on the Front-End. The "Configuration > Module Name > Search" section of each module allows to specify:

  • what fields should be searchable
  • what weight match in each field has (used during relevance calculation)

Right now pages can only be found by their fields (Title, Description, etc.) and not the content, that is entered on the using orange "Edit Content" button in the "Content Mode".

Proposing to make content block text searchable.


  1. Add multilingual ContentBlockContent field to page-revision unit.
  2. Fill ContentBlockContent by concatenated content of all page revision content blocks when content block is changed (see "EContentEventHandler::_afterItemChanged" method in rCCD15050).
  3. Insert new record to SearchConfig about this new field with join to live page-revision (similar to how "Link.ModifiedById" field record looks like).

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  1. We've implemented similar thing in following commits: rCCD15050, rCCD15104, rCCD15081.