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  • [system log] Display human-friendly error codes in System Log [5.3.0-B1]
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The "Logs & Reports > System Log" section is where all errors (errors, notices and warnings), that occurred during script run are being recorded. The section looks like this:

Note the "Code" column that contains error code. At least for each PHP error (and there 15 of them according to has associated constant name (e.g. E_NOTICE or E_STRICT in above screenshot). The MySQL has 60 of them (according to The developers know these PHP constants pretty well, because they use them. But code behind each error constant:

  • isn't that easy to remember
  • can change in different PHP versions


  1. change type of "LogCode" column from integer to string
  2. update "LogCode" column filter in grid
  3. when creating log record and code name is known, then write resolved code name write instead of actual code (for exceptions name would be exception class name)
  4. in the "upgrades.sql" patch existing records in "System Log" section where code is known upfront

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