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  • [in-news] Article creation isn't self contained [5.2.2-B1]
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The main item type, that can be created in the "In-News" module is an article. Articles can be:

  • created manually from Admin Console
  • suggested manually on Front-End
  • created automatically from CRON as part of RSS feed import

Each article also has an excerpt (short version from it's contents), that is generated automatically if missing:

That "Generate from the article body" checkbox can also be used to regenerate excerpt, when it's already present. Unfortunately the excerpt re-generation checkbox is implemented as "generate_excerpt" hidden field which upon form submission essentially is becoming global request variable. This way if several articles are created automatically, then they all would have their excerpts regenerated if such request variable is present.


  1. create "GenerateExcerpt" virtual field in "n" unit (represents one article)
  2. use above created field to power the above mentioned checkbox
  3. during article adding/editing use that virtual field instead of looking into global "generate_except" variable

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