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  • [in-commerce] Stale product object after Shopping Cart printing [5.2.2-B1]
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The Shopping Cart is essential component of the checkout process in any Online Store and In-Commerce is no different. To make Shopping Cart customizable the code exists, that makes product object available during Shopping Cart printing. In case if product object was loaded before Shopping Cart printing is started, then is preserved after Shopping Cart printing was over.

The problem is that if product object never existed prior to Shopping Cart printing, then it is created anyway, which ends up in Fatal Error, when another products (e.g. Recommended Products) are printed on Shopping Cart page.


  1. affected method: "OrderItemsTagProcessor::PrintList"
  2. the "$product_id" variable will be "false", when "$product_object" isn't loaded prior to Shopping Cart printing
  3. after Shopping Cart printing and when "$product_id" is "false" use "removeObject" call to remove product object completely

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