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  • [in-commerce] Order isn't assigned to user after checkout [5.2.2-B1]
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There are 2 checkout workflows supported in In-Commerce:

  1. login/register first
    1. perform login/registration
    2. add products to Shopping Cart
    3. complete checkout
  2. login/register any time
    1. add products to Shopping Cart
    2. perform login/registration
    3. complete checkout

When user isn't logged-in during checkout process then:

  • discounts for non-logged in users only are applied
  • the Shopping Cart contents is associated with virtual Guest user

If user decides to register/login then:

  • user in Shopping Cart is changed to the one, that is now registered/logged-in
  • discounts are recalculated to reflect currently registered/logged-in user

When user registers after checkout process is over, then last order should be re-assigned to him/her. This doesn't work, because code expects user registration form to use empty Special, but at some point we've decided to use "register" Special to increase clarity in the template.


Let the "ord:OnUserCreate" hook listen for "u:OnCreate" event (user registration) with every possible Special.

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