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  • [in-commerce] The "orditems:RemoveCouponLink" tag uses HREF directly [5.2.2-B1]
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The "orditems:RemoveCouponLink" tag content looks like this:

$type = strtolower($params['type']);
$url_params = Array (
	'pass' => 'm,ord',
	'ord_event' => ($type == 'coupon') ? 'OnRemoveCoupon' : 'OnRemoveGiftCertificate',
	'm_cat_id' => 0,

return $this->Application->HREF('', '', $url_params);

It does work, but creates following issues:

  1. the developer can't specify different template OR add another parameter
  2. the "HREF" method is called directly without using the "m_Link" and that leads to missing HTML encoding of final link
  3. no way to use link in JavaScript, because the "no_amp" parameter is completely ignored


Rewrite tag to use "m_Link" tag internally.

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