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  • [cms] Allow exporting category items from "Show All" grid [5.3.0-B1]
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The "Website & Content > Structure & Data" section is used as main data entry point for the CMS component of In-Portal. It allows to manage following:

  • what pages are available
  • url of each page
  • what category items (e.g. products, articles, etc.) can be accessed from which page

It also features Export functionality for category items, that looks like this:

Unfortunately the Export functionality only works, when looking at category items within a category and therefore there is no way to export all category items from a website.

Proposing to add "Export" toolbar button to the "Show All" grid, that is same as "Show Structure" grid on above screenshot but showing all data at once instead of per-category.


Add "Export" toolbar button to the "Show All" grid.

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