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  • [cms] Readonly mode for Content Blocks [5.3.0-B1]
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The "Content Block" is In-Portal term for fragment of the page layout, where user is allowed to enter page specific content via WYIWYG editor. It has 2 modes now:

  • default: each content block has "Edit Content" button and once clicked a popup with WYSIWYG editor will open
  • inline: each content block will be dynamically transformed into WYSIWYG editor once clicked

Proposing to introduce 3rd mode called "readonly" where content content will be shown, but won't be editable. This can be used to simplify page content editing experience when same content block is shared across several pages (e.g. footer content), but should be editable only on page where it's defined. 


  1. change "st:ContentBlock" tag by disabling "Content Mode" detection, when "mode" tag parameter is set to "readonly"

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