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  • [cms] Broken modal windows, when IFRAME has top margins [5.2.2-B1]
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In In-Portal window management can work in 3 ways:

  • the new windows are almost never opened and all content is shown in same window
  • the new windows are opened as popups
  • the new windows are opened as modal windows (div + iframe) in same window

Each of the modes as it's own advantages/disadvantages and administrator can chooses whichever fits best for the Admin Console.

When editing website content in "Content Mode" the website (not Admin Console) styles interfere with Admin Console styles and that sometimes lead to broken modal window ui, like this one:

In above displayed image the content of modal window is moved ~10px down and now is located outside of modal window. This happened because the "reset.css" file contained style that added 10px top margin to all "iframe" elements, including ones used in modal windows.


Explicitly specify that iframes, used in modal windows should have 0px top margin.

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