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  • [cms] Unable to add external link to inline CMS block [5.2.2-B1]
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The Inline CMS block code was recently ported from 5.3.0-B1 into 5.2.2-B1 and therefore bug is reported for 5.2.2-B1.

The CMS blocks are core part of In-Portal CMS and allow to have several pages sharing same layout but still display different content on them. The actual content is entered in CMS blocks linked to each page. The CMS blocks can be entered in 2 ways:

  • regular way: clicking "Edit Content" button next to editable text fragment
  • inline way: clicking on the actual text and editing it in place

Unfortunately it is impossible to add a link to external page (e.g., when WYSIWYG editor is used in inline mode.


Replace the link insertion code of "my_link" CKEditor plugin with a version, that is compatible with used CKEditor version.

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