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  • Notice during breadcrumbs rendering [5.2.2-B2]
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The breadcrumbs is website navigation element, that usually looks like this:

Home > Parent Page Name > Current Page Name

All, but last element in a breadcrumbs are links to corresponding pages.

During  INP-1509 - Getting issue details... STATUS  development the return value type of "CategoryHelper::getCategoryModule" method was changed to return "array();" (empty array) instead of "false" (boolean false) when no module was found by a category. This not important change however resulted in a notice being triggered on each page (except homepage and module item detail pages):

Notice (#1): Undefined index: Var in ...\core\units\helpers\navigation_bar.php on line 211


  1. in the "CategoryHelper::getCategoryModule" return "false", when module not found by category (solves BC break from return value type change)
  2. in the "kNavigationBar::getCategoryPath" method check, that "CategoryHelper::getCategoryModule" method call actually found a module and only then act on results

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