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  • [cms] Multiple URLs to single page, when "Short URL" is specified [5.2.2-B1]
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The "Short URL" field (in DB it's "FriendlyURL" field) of a page/category allows to specify alternative URL for accessing that page.

Unfortunately once visited user isn't redirected to canonical page URL and that makes Google think, that there is duplicate content on website (accessible from multiple urls) and decrease of Pagerank for given website.


  1. in the "CategoriesEventHandler::_parseFriendlyUrl" method, when url is considered as "Short URL" set a "is_friendly_url" parsed parameter to "$vars" variable
  2. in the "kHTTPQuery::AfterInit" when it's mod-rewrite mode and "is_friendly_url" url parameter is set, then do 301 (default) self-redirect

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