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  • Date columns ignored during CSV import [5.2.2-B1]
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In-Portal has built-in CSV export/import capabilities for mass data adding/editing. To utilize them the "Export" and "Import" buttons above the grid must be used:

Unfortunately, when date column is present among exported columns it's value is never updated when trying to import same CSV file back.

This happens because date columns are shown/exported as single "FieldName" field, but during import the "FieldName_date" and "FieldName_time" fields are used to get new date value, but they're always empty.


In the "kCSVHelper::ImportStep" method prior to "kDBItem::SetField" call:

  1. get "formatter" option of processed field declaration
  2. if formatter is specified, then get associated object from factory
  3. if formatter object is of "kDateFormatter" class:
    1. set "FieldName_combined" virtual field
    2. set "input_format" field option to the "format" option in grid column declaration (if present) or to "format" option in field declaration

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