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  • [caching] Confusing editing experience for language/theme in Admin Console [5.2.2-B1]
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In-Portal has built-in support for:

  • entering content on multiple languages
  • applying different themes (skins) to website

Confirmation of languages/themes can be done in "Configuration > Website > Regional" and "Configuration > Website > Themes" sections. Later in templates these tags are used to access data from current language/theme:

<inp2:lang.current_Field name="DateFormat"/>
<inp2:theme.current_Field name="CacheTimeout"/> 

Because of these tags load current language/theme object from database a decision was made to cache their results. Unfortunately cache was used during editing of any language/theme in Admin Console, which prevents administrator from seeing what was changed (e.g. date format changed on a language) until it's saves all the changes.


In the "LanguagesItem::Load" and "ThemeItem::Load" methods, when "$cachable" parameter is thrusy, but we're in temp mode, then set it "false".

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