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  • [session] The "?sid=..." present in links build from CRON [5.2.2-B1]
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The session is a way to preserve user identity while visiting different website pages (e.g. once logged-in he must stay logged-in). From client side (web browser) session is identified using session identifier (sid), which depending on web browser capabilities can be specified:

  • in each url as "?sid=..." parameter (the "..." is replaced with actual identifier)
  • in "sid" cookie once

When in CRON however session concept isn't applicable in general and to mitigate this current we're limiting session to avoid getting/setting cookies due absence of actual web browser to use them. As a side effect of that the "?sid=..." is being added to each build url unless we're specify '__NO_SID__' => 1 during link building. This isn't possible unfortunately when whole page is rendered (e.g. for sending over email) and some links are present on it.


In the "Session::NeedQueryString" method always return "false" when we're in CRON.

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