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  • [cms] Infinite redirect when "Short URL" matches page own url [5.2.2-B1]
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The CMS page in In-Portal can have up 2 urls:

  • main url, that is generated based on it's location (e.g. "my-account/my-profile.html")
  • short url, that is empty by default

Any links to a page are built using it's main url. The short url is usually distributed outside of website for advertising purposes.

The "Short URL" isn't validated and when:

  • it matches main url of same page, then page becomes inaccessible due infinite redirect between friendly and main url
  • it matches main url of another page, then that page would open current page instead of itself and thus becomes inaccessible


  1. validate "Categories.FriendlyURL" field to be unique by itself (two pages can't have same value)
  2. validate "Content/" + "Categories.FriendlyURL" field value to be unique against "Categories.NamedParentPath" field

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  1. As improvement to current solution we can also update "Filename" auto-generation code for pages (categories) so that it won't reuse filenames, that will result in page url becoming equal to existing page "Short URL".