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  • [cms] Undefined "EDITING_MODE" constant, when editing Content Block [5.2.2-B2]
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One of CMS module main concepts is called a Content Block. The Content Block is fragment of the page, that can have unique content for each pages using same design template. To be able to change contents of Content Blocks you'll need to enter Content Mode in Admin Console like so:

In  INP-1666 - Getting issue details... STATUS  a minor refactoring was made to allow developers detecting current editing mode earlier than before. Unfortunately as a side effect each Content Block editing attempt have resulted in set of notices that look like this:

Use of undefined constant EDITING_MODE - assumed 'EDITING_MODE' in ...\core\kernel\managers\plain_url_processor.php on line 152

This happens, because "EDITING_MODE" constant is only defined on Front-End now and turns out it's used in Admin Console as well.


Define "EDITING_MODE" content in "kApplication::Init" method, when "adm:OnStartup" event isn't called.

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