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  • Admin Interfaces: Tabs & scrolling Arrows for them
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In-Portal and Intechnic designers - we need your expertise and involvement on these 2 things:

1. We need to decided and possibly adjust interface for Tabs that are used in Catalog, Item Edit pages or other Grids.

Currently they have Square, but as a part of proposed design update we
have them Rounded. There are 2 complications with proposed Rounded tab

  • We have to use Images and Tables instead of Divs and pure CSS to format them nicely.
  • Currently all projects are using Square shaped tabs and they look pretty good. There is an option to improve Square looking tabs if need.

2. Also we are planning to introduce new functionality for tabs that will allows us have Scrolling when there many tabs and they simply can't fit into a single row. Introduced functionality will allow you to use Arrow Left and Arrow Right buttons to scroll through to see and click on all Tabs. 

There are 2 questions:

  • Is it a good practice to hide Arrows when you are at the end and there nowhere to scroll further OR we can Grey Out that arrow.
  • We are NOT certain that current design/shape of the arrows really fits the Tabs considering that we might use to Square tabs instead of originally proposed Rounded ones.


  1. I am amazed, sounds like In-Portal users like the software so much
    that they don't care how it looks or acts - they still going to love
    it :)
  2. Dima, I guess it is just you and me for now :)  Sorry for not getting
    to it sooner!

    I agree that we should use CSS only for tabs/buttons. Can you show me
    an example of what Alex has done so far so that I can help put
    together nice design for them?

    Here is what I put together, will this work:

    If yes, we can use these as tabs throughout the system

    As far as the question:

    >a. Is it a good practice to hide Arrows when you are at the end and

  3. Andrew, thanks for taking time to draw this.

    To be honest I liked the version of Square tabs that were used in
    Projects so far.

    Main things that I think are missing now:

    a. Tabs are now Emphasized by the Border (as before)

    b. I would have some white space between them so they are more noticed/
    differ from background. Now they all look the same in one line.

    May be it's just me? Guys, please give your opinion. We are kind of
    sort on time so quick input would be appreciated.