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  • Custom "Breadcrumbs" for Sections auto-created by System
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I have came across the idea that it might be nice have the ability to specify CUSTOM "Breadcrumbs" for all Sections (in past Pages) auto-created by the System. This way instead of showing actual Section location within Sections Structure will be showing custom Breadcrumb.

For example -- section/tems-conditions. Format will be similar to "Short URL" (former Friendly URL).

The only problem I see with this now is that we need to have another field which will allow us to specify actual Names for the Breadcrumbs.

Looks like we are talking about 2 fields minimum at this point.

Do you like the idea?

Can you foresee any complications with this?

For your reference, Auto-create Sections by System is a quite new approach and was introduced in In-Portal 5.0 to add more flexibility to Pages generated from the Templates. I'll take a step back to explain how this works below:

  1. On themes Scan (in Admin) or during the installation system scans all enabled Themes for *.TPL templates (exceptions below) and auto-creates System Sections (marked with Red folder in Catalog) based on META Data (Title, Description, Location) listed at the top of each template.
  2. In result system will create 1 Section in Catalog for each template (unless excluded from process). For usability purposes these auto-created sections can be placed inside other System Section created on the fly based on Location field on the actual template. This is done to escape cases when we have 50 or more System Sections in the root of the Catalog.
  3. Thus we have Catalog structure of Sections created by System however if we simply build the Breadcrumb for such section then we might end up with having a part of it showing the Section which has NO actual template since it's only purpose was to kind of organize the actual Sections so they are not all dumped in root of the Catalog.

For that reason I have though about the idea of Custom Breadcrumb described above. 


I hope explains the situation for you.

Please post your feedback or questions.


  1. I think, this will make structure more blury and unrelated to actual
    breadcrumbs of page, that are shown on Front-End. Today, we have structure
    in administrative console, that allows administrator to move pages in any
    direction and by that achiving desired path in structure for each page. This
    way each component of path to page is either real or virtual page, that
    could be clicked on and viewed. If page is real (have template on disk), and
    need to have customized path to it (in breadcrumbs), that couldn't be
    achieved by moving it around structure, then template, corresponding to that
    page could be editited and required path typed there (already have such
    ability in "advanced" theme in "navigation_bar.elm" template).

    Other complication is: on Front-End I visited page, that breadcrumbs show
    "one > two > three" and as administrator I suppose, that in administrative
    console such page could be found using this breadcrumbs (e.g. go to "one"
    section, inside it go to "two" section and here are our "three" page). But
    in case, when breadcrumbs are separated from real location of page in
    structure, then there is no way to guess what page in administrative console
    should be edited to match viewed page on Front-End.

  2. I've talked to Dmitry about all this and here is new idea about this:

    Add three fields to section editing page:
    NavBarTemplates - comma separated list of template names in path
    NavBarTitles - comma separated list of phrases/titles for templates in path
    listed above
    NavBarShowCategory - show category path in navigation bar

    Instead of comma separated list we could use textarea and type each new
    element on new line. These new fields are passed directly to
    "navigation_bar.elm.tpl" template used in "advanced" theme. As a result we
    could move navigation bar used in each template to design template, because
    it will be influenced only current section settings and not by template
    contents it is used on, like now.


  3. Guys,

    What would be an application for this?  Why would you need CUSTOM
    breadcrumbs? Is this really a high-priority feauture?

    I don't think it is a good idea to add anything to the Section
    Properties page (especially under General tab). From the interfaces
    standpoint it is already a nightmare - never mind adding ANOTHER 3

    My recommendation was actually to move most of these fields to a new
    "Advanced" tab - I will start discussion about that in the Interfaces

    My biggest concern is that we keep on adding stuff to the system that
    is already overly complicated.  We will end up having a system that is
    very flexible and very powerful, yet nobody knows how to use it
    because there is a gazzilion fields out there.  I personally already
    lost track of 30% of them...

  4. Andrew, please refer to my original Post on this to see the reasons
    why we are bringing this up.

    Please note that there is no hurry neither intentions to add this to
    the General tab for Sections. What we are discussing here is possible
    solutions (technical) to the issue when "Navigation Bar" on the Front-
    End of the website will be showing Paths to Pages/Section which do NOT
    exist neither have any real date on them.

  5. We won't be implementing this because this is:

    1. hard to implement
    2. will make it hard Administrators to understand what's going on