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  • Maybe "Feature" version in issue tracker should be "Cook pit" instead
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For now all new issue, that are not yet assigned to release goes to "Feature" version in issue tracker. Then they are planned to one of releases. I propose to call this "Feature" version more like to what's it's doing, like "Cook pit" or something like that.


  1. Do you mean to "Future" version (not Feature)?

    Yes, I agree we can think of something more "funny" and addressing the

    In my opinion "Cooking" or "Cooking Pit" might do the job.

    Just to recap on what we are trying to figure out - currently all
    Newly submitted issues in In-Portal Tracker

    have a tendency to remain Unassigned or moved to the Future release/
    version until they reviewed (even if discussion already took place)
    and planned for the release (next or so on). We are thinking to give
    current "Future" release a better name.

    Please correctly if you I am wrong.

    Back to you, Alex.

  2. One other quick thought on "Naming" topic.

    I really think we should give our releases Real Names. This is a
    common practice in software development world.


    Anyone has ideas of what names we should be using. Perhaps, Greek
    Mythology or something would work?

    What's community thinks on this?

  3. Ok about "Cooking" or "Cooking Pit".

    Real names is what exactly?

  4. 1. I like "Cooking" term more.

    What other have to say on this?

    2. Project "Internal Names"

    You can read on this here

    The idea is simple we give each release an "internal name" - mostly it's
    for fun, but every one does so I see why not?


    Best Regards,

    Dmitry V. Andrejev

  5. Andrew, Ilya and other group members please give us your opinion on
    (discussion above):

    1. In-Portal Issue Tracker (
    ) -- changing version name from "Future" to "Cooking".

    2. Introducing Internal names

    Yes, I know it's not the most important thing right now, but let's try
    to finalize this so we can close this topic.