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  • Adjusting "Default" Permissions for In-Portal
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I think it's a good time (shortly after launch) to review, discuss and adjust the default "Permission settings" for In-Portal CMS distribution. Currently all permissions are very locked up and complex to adjust. While this is always a good thing to have we need to simplify the life for our Users and come up with a simple way to switch between Standard and Enhanced permissions.

Few things to outline:

  1. Good example is that we quite often see NO Permissions screen for very small and simple sites. In most cases permission check is NOT needed at all.
  2. It will help to win some PHP processing time by shortening additional permission checks when it's not needed.

Give me your quick opinion and we can discuss this in details once we launch.

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  1. Sasha, Sergey,

    Please give us your opinion on how to approach this or whether we need
    this done at all.

    I think we have had enough complications with this and may be it's
    time ti simplify life a bit :)


  2. Hi,

    directory permissions are a wonderfull tool for in-portal, as we can
    do nearly everything playing with this: private online store, private
    access for resellers... but as far as I have my experience, customer
    who runs a merchant website never use it...

    If we could deactivate the directory permissions, and thus speed up
    admin and front-end, why not... It's not a priority, as there much
    more to do with an easier admin interface for standard admins first,
    but why not.