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We have "Display to Public" and this is functionality, that allow to show/hide fields from user public profile. This is usually used in forums. To manage this we create one variable in persistent session per each user field, that can be displayed in it's profile (10 fields). This is not easy scalable way and takes more space in database. Besides, variable name in persistent session is not directly formed from field name it shows/hides and require additional mapping to be created (in UserProfileTagProcessor).


I propose to create new user field DisplayToPublic and store all field names, that should be visible there.

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  1. This is a ood idea for improvement, but I had an impression that there
    are some other user fields/data that are stored outside of PortalUser
    table. If I am not mistaken those fields are preferencs or something
    like it - stored in PersistentUserData table. I just think that we
    need to make sure that if not all user fields are in PortUser table
    and some are actually elsewhere.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

  2. This change won't affected any other user preferences, stored in persistent
    session. This change doesn't provide any immediate benefit right now, but in
    future, in case we plan to extend user profile, then this could come in

  3. New "Feature Reguest" has been filed based on this discussion:

    INP-354 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    Most likely this improvement will be developed shortly since required
    by some other project, so solution will be available in the way of
    patch and scheduled for some of the upcoming releases.


  4. Patch was attached to mentioned task. But I think, we need to remove
    processing of old style public profile templates. For now I've created
    processing for them, but that required to create additional code, that will
    be used only when old template will be used.

    What you think about removing old template processing and converting
    template in "advanced" theme instead.