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  • Add "Pending ..." node while ajax content is loaded into tree
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I propose we add "Pending ..." node (in places of loading content) while ajax tree node content is being loaded. This will create effect, that content loads faster. After content is loaded "Pending ..." node will be replaced with actual content.

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  1. Good proposition, however I would think "Loading..." would be better for
    this case.

    Also, we need to run some tests to make sure we don't see "Loading..."
    too often and too quick. It makes sense to show one when it take time to

    What you think on above?


    Best Regards,

    Dmitry V. Andrejev

  2. We can't measure how long data is loaded to show "Loading" or not, because
    we need to show "Loading" before data is loaded. But, when no data will be
    returned, then "Loading" will be added and removed and tree will jump.

  3. Are we getting lot's of delays while it's loading the Tree?

    I think we have a better chances improving by shortening Application
    loading time for Admin Ajax script so initialization is faster.

    What you think on this Alex, Sergey?


  4. We are getting delays, when site is viewed from different country. Loading
    indicator is a lot faster to implement then to perform full scale
    application performance improvements. And it will give us nice effect (see
    in Zend Studio 7 for Eclipse for yourself).

  5. Yes, I do agree it will be faster.

    My main concern is that it will become annoying when shown all the

    How about we ask our Design and Interfaces guys on their opinion?


  6. We could do that.

  7. Ok, submitted a new Topic in Designs group for this:

    Add "Pending ..." node while Ajax content is loaded into Catalog Tree


  8. Here is the task:

    INP-403 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    (0000486: Add
    "Pending ..." node while ajax content is loaded into tree).