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  • Add "Pending ..." node while Ajax content is loaded into Catalog Tree
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We need some help with finding a good designers and functional approach for a Catalog Items in the Left Tree Menu in Admin.

The problem is that in some cases when we have large lists of Sections in the website Catalog and click to open up some level of the Catalog tree it take some time to load.

One of the solutions is to show something like Pending... or Loading... while loading the tree elements.

Once of the drawbacks of this solution is that if there are NO elements to be shown after words it result in a disappearance of Pending... message and will kind of move Tree elements one level up showing some sort of "jumping" effect.

We are trying to find the best solution to lower a wait time for users.

For more details please see ORIGINAL discussion is here: Add "Pending ..." node while ajax content is loaded into tree

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  1. What about pending icon then? I've already created patch for that task, that
    uses some kind of loading icon. See here:

    INP-403 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  2. I like the Icon idea more!

    I'll let's give it a try and attach here a screenshot for you guys to review