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  • Add "Unregistered only" field for forms (form submissions)
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I propose to add "Unregistered Only" checkbox during form field declaration (Website & Content -> Forms). Such fields will only be visible and required (if set as required) when unregistered user is filling out the form.

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  1. Also we could show captcha image for unregistered users, who are submitting
    form. Of course this will be an option in form configuration section (maybe
    site based, maybe form based).

  2. Thanks Alex for bright ideas. I personally find this all very useful
    improvements and have some more things I'd like to add so give me your
    feedback on below (both your and my ideas together)

    1. Form specific setting to FORCE the User to Login before they can
    submit the form. If user NOT logged in it will redirect him to the
    registration login template. From implementation point it's a new DB
    field which is checked on the Form template with IF and ReguireLogin

    2. Use Security Image (CAPTCHA) - you proposed.

    3. "Show if Logged In" - I have changed the name a bit since we check
    whether user is logged in.

    Let me know your thoughts if this sounds complete.


  3. 2 and 3 items is what I ment. 1st item is not what I ment, but I can't
    imagine why contact us form (this is what Forms section are for) should
    login required. It's actually not the first time, when you try to propose
    feature, that via checkbox in admin will make front-end template required.

    For 3 item that checkbox will be ON by default.

  4. Well if you look at the form usage broader you can see that it's not
    necessarily is a something that will be used as Contact us with mind
    behind it.

    I can give you many samples different purpose of the form which would
    simply collect information from the users.

    I think it's very simple, but at the same time very critical
    functionality. Don't you think?


  5. Ok, no problems, if you think so.

  6. If we're going to improve forms functionality, I suggest to add IP
    address field (filled automatically, of course) for form submissions.
    Also, referer URL may be added. It's not too complicated, but
    necessary, I think.
  7. Great idea. Are you sure, that IPAdddress field is not present already or we
    just implemented such functionality in too many projects.

  8. Hey guys,

    No, IP address is not on the list of DB fields we have for
    FormSubmissions now and it's definitely good to have, so my vote is
    Yes let's add it.

    To take it a bit further with features that we already have
    implemented for some other projects I would say we add the following
    to Submissions:

    1. The email that is received by system Administrator should have in
    Reply-to email address of user who's submitted the Form. In other
    words if I submit a form and specify my Email address, the email that
    will be received by the Admin will have Reply-To as my address so
    Admin can reply right from he email client. Email field can be
    identified if Validation has been set for it.

    2. Ability to continue communication with User via Form Submission in
    Admin. Example, user submitted a form specifying his email address,
    next thing Admin got an email notification or perhaps the entire
    submission in the email and now can reply from his Email Client. It's
    would be quite useful if Admin can actually reply back (with
    attachment) to User directly from the Admin and then user replies back
    to Admin and so on. All this communication is stored as Submission
    Messages of course. We'll be using POP3 and SMTP as well processing
    for bounced messages. Preferably this requires a separate mail box
    setup, but should work with any mailbox. Besides that there will be
    multiple Statuses to help indicate Submissions that have new updates.
    Also, the ability to "Save as Draft" the Reply to User, then come back
    later to finish.

    All this will be enabled if Admin marks something like "Enable Email
    Communication" setting for the Form.

    About 90% already completed and tested in some projects and can be
    quickly and safely transferred to 5.1.0 as quick big features.

    Let me know your thoughts.


  9. Corresponding task created:

    INP-391 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    Improvements to
    Form Submissions).