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When you install In-Portal without themes, then you've got !LU_ROOTCATEGORY_NAME! (missing phrase) in header of "Structure & Data" list.

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  1. Missing
    <javascript:translate_phrase('la_text_sess_expired',%20'regional/phrases_ed it',%20{event:%20'OnNew',%20simple_mode:%20false});>!LA_TEXT_SESS_EXPIRED!
    on administrative console login screen, when session expiration happens.

  2. Ups, that's not a bug in 5.0.2, but my local bug. I've imported language
    pack exported (admin phrases only) from previous version, but
    "la_text_Sess_Expired" phrase was marked as front-end phrase, so it was
    missing as the result.

  3. Another phrases missing in Admin Lang. pack for CORE:

    la_CurrentTheme = Current Theme

    <PHRASE Label="la_CurrentTheme" Module="Core"


  4. Phrases la_col_FilePath and la_col_FileName are present in Core and
    In-Commerce language packs (5.0.2 version). Not sure, that there are only
    duplicate phrases around.

    To find all duplicate phrases you should install all modules together, then
    export each module phrases separately and compare each language pack to
    install/english.lang from each module. Duplicate phrases are located in
    language packs, that doesn't match. Any why look mentioned above phrases are
    from Core module.

  5. Nothing fixed with "LU_ROOTCATEGORY_NAME" phrase. What is "la_CurrentTheme"
    phrase you've mentioned? it's never being used.

  6. What is "la_CurrentTheme" phrase you've mentioned? it's never being used.
    Nor it is present in latest language pack.

  7. Any info on this la_CurrentTheme phrase?

    I guess it's only visible on category list in catalog, when you have 2+

  8. the only info I have is it's used :

    - in core/admin_templates/catalog/catalog_elements.tpl line 115, and the
    prefix used isn't good, it's "lu" instead of "la"

    -in advanced/platform/header.elm.tpl line 37 for dropdown theme

    any other info?

    2011/3/13 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  9. No doubt that it's used. Question was if it is translated in case if non
    "advanced" theme is installed OR none themes are installed.

  10. well, in both cases this tag is included in "theme selector", then if no
    theme to choose, no display of this tag ;-)

    2011/3/13 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  11. Why you keep calling phrases as tags? In-Portal has tags already, like
    <inp2:... you know and calling 2 different things the same only makes it
    harder to understand.

    I don't know any cms/framework where phrases are called as tags too.

  12. that's right! and what about my remark?

    2011/3/13 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  13. Yes, when no themes, then no phrase. But, when 1+ theme is enabled, then it
    will be used.

  14. does this answer your question? :)

    2011/3/13 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  15. I have checked in In-Portal 5.1.2-B2 and it's *missing* from default CORE
    install so needs to be added (or moved if located in a Theme) there.

    Updated 985: English Language pack for 5.1.2<

    INP-798 - Getting issue details... STATUS



  16. I've updated that task with the location that phrase on the template, so it
    could be easily tested.