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In 5.0.2, English only installation, I got the following problem when I display Permission Section for Products:

The bottom view with tabs and radio buttons is -too much- small, using normal size in Firefox on a standard display size (1440x900), while the top group radio buttons selector uses a lot of space and could be reduced, as we select one group at a time, and many different permissions for it. It'd be easier to have a smaller group list, as we have group sorting if needed, and much more space for permissions setting.

Additionally, I always have an horizontal navigation bar, while the content is not larger than window.

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  1. Do you have same problem on product editing in pricing tab? What's
    your monitor dimensions in inches, because I have 20 inches wide
    screen on work and my resolution is different.
  2. I agree with Phil here -t's too much space for Groups list and very little
    for Permissions - we should other way around.


  3. Hi Alexander,

    attached is my product pricing view. I'm on a 17" wide screen
    (laptop), but the only data is I'm in full size for mozilla, on a
    1444x900 res. You can notice the wide space between left and right
    I bet that on a 20" you have more space, but an average user have the
    same screen as mine: wide and not too much big in height.

    We could have groups on 2 columns, even 3, as there nothing special to
    know about them, the main data is at bottom.


    2010/2/5 Phil ..:: ::.. <>:

  4. I personally agree - we need somehow make Permissions part on the
    whole page and User Group selector as a Drop-down above that.

    I am sure every one will agree that there is NO point of having as
    Radio buttons when we can have simple Drop-down...


  5. That solution I haven't foreseen, but it seems very useful.

  6. I strongly agree to drop-down menu :)


    2010/2/6 Alexander Obuhovich <>:

  7. Here is the task:

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    On Sun, Feb 7, 2010 at 10:37 PM, Phil ..:: ::.. <