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  • Delete "/system/cache/debug_@*.txt" files from cron
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During development (while in debug mode) we are creating debug_@SID@.txt files, which contain a lot of information. Sometimes we don't delete them automatically when session is expired. I propose we create cron event, that will delete all debugger report files of expired sessions.


  1. Yes, this also brings us to another point that Session Expiration Check and
    Deletion should be done by Agent as well.

    So let's create 1 task which will cover both related issues:

    1. Move Session Expiration (Deletion) into the Agent
    2. Perform Debugger clean up by separate Agent - may be we should run it
    ONLY when DBG mode is on OR once a month...


  2. Ok, but I think, that once per week will be more appropriate (for debug file
    deletion) and once per day for expired session deletion.

  3. I think this discussion becomes obsolete after patch from task

    INP-464 - Getting issue details... STATUS

     ( 0000589: Process expired
    sessions from agent ) will be commited.