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I just came across more JQuery effects/plugins on the web and wanted to share the ones that look cool:

  1. Simple Page Peel Effect . Demo:
  2. 5 Ways to Spice up Your Images with CSS
  3. Animated Navigation with CSS & jQuery
  4. Attaching JQuery Cheat Sheet once again.


  1. Hi,

    I allready knew them, that's why I talked about upgrading jQ :)

    Check this out :

    the product slideshow on the homepage is only in js/css, no flash, and you
    can click on the little rounded button at the bottom of images to review
    them, I like that ^^


    2010/4/1 Dmitry Andrejev <>

  2. Thanks Phil - VERY nice design, but done in Tables - NOT DIV/CSS as we want,
    ah well...

    Anyway, you can easily upload JQ ANY version to your Front End template and
    it's going to work.

    The Upgrade is problem for Admin Interfaces - needs some work.

    Front End - NOT connected - you can just upload ANY version yourself and use
    it as you want!


  3. yup, I've understoud about jQ.

    I meant that the slideshow is made using CSS only, not the whole design :)
    anyway all my custom template I do are full CSS, I'll show you when

    2010/4/1 Dmitry Andrejev <>

  4. That slideshow has a better version at . We use it
    a lot in our projects.

  5. 1 important note in regards of Scrollable plugin - there no way (didn't see)
    to have a ability to jump between the slides using small nav. bar in the
    right-lower corner as on the one that Phil showed...

    May be you saw this in works somewhere?


  6. That bar is pagination (3 small circles on top) and using css you can place
    it in the bottom right corner too.

  7. Here is an interesting link to personnalize CSS with jQueryUI :

  8. Sadly, but "1. Draggable Droppables --" is no longer supported by
    jQuery. This was first implementation if jQuery UI, but not they don't use

    Also author of that Interface library no longer develops it too.

  9. We are actually are using that draggable plugin to drag content boxes and
    side boxes in design mode (In-Portal 5.0.0 and up).

  10. I didn't knew it ^-^

    2010/5/14 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  11. I'd like to share VERY nice JQuery Image Slider!