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Two things crossed my mind while I was working in the Admin. While these are minor - I didn't want to leave it as is and decided here for more opinions.

  1. I think we should turn OFF "Remember Last Admin Template" in default installation. The main reason is that so far I find it a bit annoying for myself. I do recognize it as a feature, but don't think it should be enabled by default. 
  2. I would rename this to more appropriate since Admin Template is not very user friendly? How about "Remember last Admin Section for User"?

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  1. 1:

    I'm against that, because it's normal for administrator to continue to work
    on last section here visited last time he was logged in administrative
    When all site administrators use same "root" account for system access and
    one user sees what other user visited, then it's not comfortable.


    I would rename it to: "Remember User's Last Visited Template".

  2. 1. I agree to keep "last visited section" as Alex said.

    2. "template" is still not user's friendly at my sight, what do you
    think about "Remember last display on exit".
    "display" is about what user's see, "template" is what systems
    display... we don't talk to system, but to users :)


    2010/4/12 Alexander Obuhovich <>:

  3. Okay guys,

    1. It's okay to keep this On by default (even it's a bit annoying me).

    2. I would say "Reopen last visited Section on Admin Login".

    I think it described what it will actually do instead of some other action -
    who cares what it remembers - we need to know how it affect the behavior,


  4. How about..."Save current view on close" or "Save current view on exit" ?

    If not, I like Alex's suggestion, "Remember User's Last Visited Template"


  5. This now more looks, like firefox option, so next version will be: "Restore
    Last Visited Section After Login". Since we only have sections in
    administrative console, then no need for "Admin" to be added into
    configuration variable name.

  6. Yes, Alex - right in the spot - I like it almost 100% :)

    I still would say "Restore last visited Admin Section after Login".

    NOT every user know we have Sections only in Admin, plus we have Login in
    Admin and Front end - let's make it 100% clear for everyone - even those
    without extensive knowledge of In-Portal today.

    What you think?


  7. Seems ok. But why not all words are capitalized?

  8. It has better readability this way.

    I have created General task for Missing/Changing labels in English
    lang. pack in 5.0.3 - will gather all other places/labels shortly and
    update in that task.

    696: English Language pack changes in 5.0.3

    INP-547 - Getting issue details... STATUS