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  • [in-commerce] In-Commerce Order Tracking Field Unavailable [5.0.3]
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orders under "To Ship" state don't have their tracking fields editable. This is exactly the step where we need to enter the tracking ID, before shipping the order :S

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  1. Hi Phil,

    The way it was build originally - this tracking field is auto-
    populated with tracking or Label from the Shipping engine, but yes I
    do agree we should provide a way to enter the fields.

    As a matter of fact we need carefully review ALL Order fields we have
    now and properly adjust which are editable and which are not since
    right now it's a bit outdated I believe. I have already started
    similar talk (in regards to all Order fields) in a separate
    discussion. Alex, might remember that since it was hiom who replied
    back there to me.


  2. here you are

    I've submitted this bug as I've tried to uncheck "Allow editing
    orders" but it doesn't change, may it applies only to new orders
    (after option is selected), I'll try another time.

  3. Task:

    MINC-63 - Getting issue details... STATUS