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We got pretty useful (during In-Portal development) section called "System Tools". Currently it has many buttons, called "Run" and description near them. It doesn't look pretty friendly and sometimes I even had to read all description to know what to press.

I think, that we should reorganize this section to have dashboard like style (like in many columns and buttons grouped in logical groups). Also adding "effect area" description to each function on the screen could be quite useful as well.

For example we have "Clear Template Cache" function. So how do I know, that this is function I must use right now? In case if template contents was changed, but it's file last modification date wasn't changed on file system, then it's right function to use. And so on.

I've also noticed, that some developers are pressing all buttons to make some newly developed part of In-Portal work, without fully understanding what function does what.

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  1. Hi Alexander,

    I fully agree, I asked before about showing tools report, but a dashboard is
    even better.
    I'll be happy to translate hints that would be used here.


    2010/7/28 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  2. I forgot to add that actually, system tools actions's names are not
    translated in core\admin_templates\tools\system_tools.tpl, we need to
    add labels instead of hard coded names, but I bet this will be
    improved with the refactoring of this section.

    Another thing, I propose to change in admin event handler the function
    _deleteCompiledTemplates, to delete all cache.

    Actually it deletes only php files, and if you do any change to a css
    file included in compression tag, you cannot see the result without
    manually deleting compressed files into cache.

  3. Compressed files are deleted, when you use "Rebuild Theme Files" function.

  4. ok, then as you said in this post, we really need a more intuitive design :)

    2010/7/30 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  5. Task:

    INP-698 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    Dmitry, please take a look at my draft version of system tools dashboard.
    Please also take care of fixing my English (if any). Then, after my approval
    we'll be transforming all new text into phrases.

  6. Hi guys,

    Reviewed and attached a new patch with corrections (see the task).


  7. Hi team,

    I have applied final corrections and translated everything so new
    phrases will be available in English language pack.

    Please visit the task to see new patch.


  8. Hi guys,

    I've also added a comment about a request for success indicator, do you have
    any opinion on this?


    2010/9/20 Dmitry A. <>

  9. That reset buttons delete cache and refreshes the page. Then check is made,
    that nothing is cached and cache is built automatically (this is late
    binding approach). So basically this will always work. Because of that late
    binding specific cache will only be built, when there is a request for it.

    I could just display a message on top of all sideboxes, that will say: "Last
    performed operation completed successfully" (will be styled like "search
    filter is in effect" message above the grids, when search is made). Also
    maybe after a button is pressed some sort of infinite progress bar indicator
    should appear to show that something is performed. Not sure about the place
    to show it, maybe near pressed button.

    Some operations, like "recompile templates" have their own success/failure
    screen and progress indicator and they don't refresh parent window upon

    Mantis (our Issue Tracker) is great in all cases, expect proper emailing. So
    basically all emails look the same and you will never receive email, when
    expected. That's why it's recommended to ask anything in groups, not in
    tasks in issue tracker. Basically task is only for attaching patch and
    indicating completion stage. All other talks should happen in groups.

  10. alex,

    ok about mantis :)

    about task status, I focus on user's interface. we are all used to have an
    answer from a system when we press a button, either on a phone, a website,
    your TV... These button are described to perform important things (as
    described in their related text), but nothing outputs, it's really not
    "user's friendly".

    your idea of a confirm on the top of the page would be good for all config
    pages (which actually don't say anything about the saved status too), but
    for these button, I'd naturallu suggest an indicator right to them, and not
    on top of page, as we don't validate anything on the top. You idea for
    endless progress bar is good in addition - may we can use an endless circle
    to have a modern thing :)

    2010/9/20 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  11. Hi guys,

    I believe the "message in red" that operation is successful placed in the
    top portion of the System Tools page after the execution is more then enough
    similar to the message we see when a Filter is applied in the Grid.

    Phil, it's a good idea to actually pay attention to the messages in red when
    you see them :)

    About the progress bar - it's fine with me.



  12. Hi Dmitry!

    if it was only for my personnal use, I won't ask anything more :)

    But for any new user, who already uses other websites, it'd be good to have
    an intuitive interface, it doesn't cost a lot of coding and make user's
    feeling more confortable and confident with the software. The user can't see
    how it's coded, but he can feel if it's well done or not, just using the

    A red message to say "everything was successfull" is not very intuitive (at
    least for me), and being at the top while we didn't pressed anything at the
    top is weird. Why not putting the indicator bar at the top? Because we
    pressed a button elsewhere on the page :) then why should progress bar would
    be shown in a place and result of this progress in another one?
    Nothing logic here, and while it's just a menu lost in Tools section, I
    think this should be as well done as the background code is.


    2010/9/20 Dmitry Andrejev <>

  13. Hi Phil,

    I understand your concerns, but this is the page for Developers and not for
    Users - please don't mix 2 together. Most of the regular Users will have a
    hard time to understand terminology on this page.

    In any case, please provide the exact designs as you think it should look
    and the messages that should shown if any. Make it look as soon as you can.

    Just to let you know we are short on time here since currently need to
    release 5.1.1 in Beta1 and if you consider this as A MUST you can't work
    without you need to provide this by tomorrow or better today so we can
    approve and implement. Otherwise, it can wait until next bug fix release

    Let us know.


  14. Hi Dmitry,

    here is my proposal :

    you can test by pressing the "Run" button, and you can repress it on
    complete step :)


    2010/9/20 Dmitry Andrejev <>

  15. Thanks Phil!

    Alex - what you think? Looks like we need to convert all of non-ajax to ajax
    requests on that System page. Also, there are some pages that actually
    require page refresh in order to update Left/Top frames - am I right?


  16. Unfortunately ajax conversion can't be made due asyncronious nature of
    almost all functionality described by me earlier in this discussion. I'll
    see what can be made to implement Phil's proposal.