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  • Not finished Russian language pack for In-Portal 5.0.2 (administrative console)
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Some phrases were renamed in 5.1.0, so same changes should be made to
language pack.

I suppose it's best to install this language pack to In-Portal 5.0.2, then
upgrade In-Portal to 5.1.0 and perform further translation.

Phrases, that are not present in 5.1.0 English language pack can be surely
deleted from Russian language pack as well.

Best Regards,



  1. Thanks Alex,

    We'll get to that once I have a chance to complete Google Translate API tool
    implementation. Unfortunately enough it was deleted by reverting the patches
    on the other day which is why I still haven't post - need to redo, but it's



  2. As I've told you before it's bad practice to develop new code and test
    patches on the same in-portal installation.

    Hope the community will see that patch someday.