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  • [caching] Fatal error "Method name must be a string" on home page after Memcached server restart [5.1.0]
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I've got fatal error "Method name must be a string" on home page after Memcached server restart. Error was in kApplication::BuildModuleEnv_NEW method, when attempt was made to get rewrite listener object, but he wasn't there.

I also have site domains enabled, so In-Portal tried to query all possible countries from current language (for site domain object), but actual language wasn't yet detected and such attempt resulted in "SELECT .... l_Name ...." sql without proper language id in it.

Both problems were happening by visiting home page just after caching server was restarted, so I grouped them into one task.


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  1. Ups, forgot to add "debugger.php" to a previous patch, since it was also
    changed to solve that issue.

  2. Tested good!

    Thanks for the patch.