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  • Move "lu_section_Files" label from In-Commerce to In-Portal in Advacned theme
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Hi All,

It's kind of bug related to Advacned theme whichis why I decided to post here.

Since we are separating Front-end Language packs by Theme, I have came across a label which is missing on Link Details page (In-Link) when In-Commerce in NOT installed and using Advanced theme (release 1.1.1-B1 and before that). Label is part of In-Commerce language pack so I propose we move this label to In-Portal as commonly used one.

Question is do you think we need to write any upgrade script for that?

In theory it won't change much, but to keep integrity we might want to consider this.

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  1. Yes, upgrade script is needed. It will only change "Module" column value
    that phrase. Plus you need to move phrase to appropriate module language

  2. Thanks for your reply Alex.

    Attaching the patch for testings.