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We have "Refresh" button in "Configuration -> WebSite -> Regional" section. That button copies translation of missing phrases and emails from other languages. That could prove useful, when somebody have added new phrases to only one of used languages and you don't want to copy-paste their translations by hand.

And what if we actually have one language without phrases for testing purposes. For example we can use it to test if all text from initial HTML markup were converted to phrases. In this case that "Refresh" button creates each phrase in that empty language too. 

I propose not to create missing phrases for languages, where there are 0 translated phrases. Same could be applied to email events.

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  1. I'm for it, good idea !

    2010/10/17 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  2. Alternative solution to get to same result without need to create language
    without phrases:

       - pass parameter to url, that will indicate that phrases should not be
       translated at all
       - OR
       - debug option in debug.php to do the same for front-end

  3. Hi guys,

    Yes, we do need to address this situation, but I think it should be
    more transparent for users.

    I propose to have a Field (ie. AutoSynchronizeWithPrimary ) for each
    Language which will  be checked by default, but can be managed in
    Admin while editing the language of course.

    It's totally makes sense to have this as an option to decide for user
    and I don't think Debug mode has anything to do with this.

    What are your thoughts on above?


  4. Since website can have multiple languages and only one language with such
    feature enabled, then adding new column for any language doesn't seem to

  5. Actually it would be used by ALL languages that need to synchronize,
    meaning that if it's NOT checked - that language won't be getting ANY
    new phrases from the Primary on Refresh.

    Thus, if I have 2+ languages I can mark off the ones that I do NOT
    want to synchronize on Refresh.

    Make sense?


  6. Yes, now I see whole picture.

    But "AutoSynchronizeWithPrimary" is a wrong name because of:

       1. no automatic synchronization is made by system, only manually by
       pressing that "Refresh" button;
       2. it's not synchronization with primary language, but with all languages
       together (it looks which phrases is missing in what language and what is
       present in what language and creates unified list of missing translations
       for each language).

  7. Yes, it's a wrong name I have proposed based on your notes.

    Which one of this you like more:

    1. UseInSynchronization

    2. SynchronizeWithOthers


  8. First one is ok.

  9. I'd suggest "Synchronize with primary", or does langs are synchronizing each
    other, looking for missing fields reciprocally?

    2010/10/17 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  10. *or does langs are synchronizing each other, looking for missing fields
    Yes, that was my previous post exactly :)

  11. :)

    and what about missing translation, does all missing field take the value of
    the primary lang?

    2010/10/17 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  12. Nope, that was discussed already in another discussion and task was created.

    This discussion is only about phrases and email events.

  13. Are we clear with what to do here?

    Time for a task?


  14. Yes, we can create a task already.

    On the other hand "UseInSyncronization" (from the name) means, that language
    phrases are:

       - can be copied to other languages in syncronization process
       - can be added to it from other languages in syncronization process

    So if you uncheck "Use In Synchronization" checkbox, then we won't be
    changing phrases in that language, however this language still will be used
    to populate other languages.

    This is kind of odd, since "synchronization" term means 2-way

  15. that's right. This way, it'll add a functionnality we are missing from the
    beginning, and whom I had to code in perl: ability to find new phrases upon
    lang pack updates :)

    2010/10/18 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  16. Here is the task for this.

    897: Improvements to "Synchronize Languages" feature

    INP-724 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  17. So you created a task, while UseInSynchronization column name still seems a
    bit odd, because based on it's name it should be doing
    2-way synchronization, however, when we uncheck "UseInSynchronization"
    checkbox, then synchronization will be still happening, but only one way.

  18. Well, I do have a quick solution to your question:

    We put multiple options in that new "UseInSynchronization" (Use
    Language in Synchronization) field:

    - no
    - read
    - read / write

    Also, I would add a "?" hint to the field which would explain the


  19. Maybe we can make 2 checkboxes in same row as such field options:

       - to other languages
       - from other languages

    and field name will be "Synchronize Language" [x] to others [x] from others

  20. Yes, Alex - I like your idea more!

    Sounds more intuitive to me.

    I'll update the task description once we confirm this here.


  21. vote YES

    2010/10/22 Dmitry A. <>

  22. The task has been updated accordingly to result of this discussion.