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  • [in-bulletin] Possible Issue with Atom RSS Import [5.1.1-B2]
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Hi guys,

I have noticed that for some reason RSS Import from ATOM (Google Groups) is not saving the entire BODY of the Article, but just a sentence or even less (doesn't look like short version). Try importing this RSS:

Can anyone else try replicating it?

This was tested on In-Portal 5.1.1 Beta 2 (with In-News), but issue can be there for lot longer even before 5.1.x version.

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MINB-17 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  1. The following issues were fixed:

       - trying to get property of non-object warning during import
       - only first few words from article summary and title were imported

    Please verify on your end, that problem is fixed by this patch, since I
    can't check based on current content of feed, provided by your link.

    Problem happened because of fix made in 10458 revision in 8 Apr 2008 to
    "xml_helper.php" file.

    If my patch solves your issue, then please create a task with given patch
    and mark it as tested.

  2. Hi Alex,

    Great fix - thank you!

    Here is a task and it's ready for commit:

    918: Issue with Atom RSS Import

    MINB-17 - Getting issue details... STATUS