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  • [in-link] Fatal error, when modifying a link [5.1.1-B2]
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Hello guys,

in 511-B2,

  1. "link.modify" permission is active
  2. create a link
  3. go to "My links"
  4. click on "Modify" and update the link
Fatal Error: mail error: header To is required in .../core/kernel/utility/email_send.php on line 1093

As this is the default install, I bet there's a missing default parameter.

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  1. Yes, I confirm there is a Fatal error.

    The issue is there ONLY when we are trying to MODIFY a PENDING link
    which NEVER has been approved yet. In other words it's MODIFY.PENDING
    of the originally submitted pending link.


  2. Additionnal info:
    If a change permissions to "link.add.pending" I don't have this error
    Then while it's an error message on MODIFY step, it doesn't act the same
    when I change the LINK.ADD permission

    2010/10/28 Dmitry A. <>

  3. New task submitted for this bug:

    910: Fatal error when Modifying Pending Link on Front-end

    MINL-9 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  4. Synopsis:

    Before In-Portal 5.1.0 release we have this behavior:
    1. field ModifiedById of category items were always set, even after initial
    category item creation (admin or suggest form).
    2. when sending email event and email was missing, then admin email was

    After In-Portal 5.1.0 release behavior was changed to:
    1. set ModifiedById field only, when some of the fields where changed
    2. don't use admin's email as fallback email for all cases

    What happened:
    When user opened modify form of newly added link and pressed "Modify" button
    without changing any fields, then ModifiedById field was not changed, but
    attempt was made to get user's email (from that field), who changed that
    link to send notification to it. That all resulted to email email event
    recipient email.

    Strange, but I thought, that we should inform owner of link about changes to
    it's record, not user, who actually changes it.

  5. thanks for detail and fast patch release !

    2010/10/31 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  6. Patch tested good and can be committed to 5.1.1 RC1