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  • [in-commerce] Coupons workflow vs. Discount [5.1.0]
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I don't know if it"s really a bug or not, but in in-commerce v510, when a customer is entitled to a discount + he wants to use a coupon, only the most important discount will be applied.
It appears that it doesn't fit all needs, for example vendor propose an extra rebate via coupons for all customers for xmas, but some customers have already a greater discount, and then won't be able to benefit of the coupon.

Is it a feature we could have: ability to ADD rebates : couton + discount + customer gift, or rather a bug, to your opinion?

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  1. Since both coupon and discount provide discount at then end, then most
    effective wins.

    This way client won't be able enter a coupon code, that doesn't give any
    discount to him at the end.

    Yes, it's designed this way.

    To get, what you need we need to add new coupon type, that won't give any
    discount, but will stay, when website discounts are applied to order.

  2. ok, then actually coupons are "use the best discount", and could have a new
    option "apply anyway", that's it?

    2010/12/7 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  3. Ping to Dmitry.

    As a summary I would suggest to have "Remove When Not Effective" checkbox
    (ON by default) to coupons. This way we keep backwards compatibility and
    allow users to create coupons that will stay applied even if they don't
    provide any real discount just to group order by having same coupon. This
    way store owner can do some additionnal logic on his side.

    Source of discount in this case (when we keep coupon even if it isn't
    effective) will be the same as before: discount OR none of no discount is
    in effect.
    Dmitry, since you haven't participated in this discussion I suggest to read
    all posts to get clue about what's happening here.

  4. Read it 2 times and is confusing. Let's talk this through before moving


  5. Maybe checkbox name isn't right one, but functionality is.

    I remember, that @intechnic we had a project with exactly same feature:
    coupon was used as order marker and wasn't actually providing any discount
    to that order.

  6. Let's do a quick talk on this to clarify things.


  7. Dmitry, we have discussed this via Skype without any result being posted
    here. Do you still have questions?

  8. Hi Alex,

    Agreed - let's commence suggested by you solution.

    Please create a task for this.


  9. Task:

    MINC-102 - Getting issue details... STATUS