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  • [in-commerce] Shipping Cost Doesn't Apply after Update [5.1.1]
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Hello guys,

I updated a website from 5.0.1 to 5.1.1, In-portal + In-Commerce.

When placing an order, in in-commerce/checkout/shipping/ page, shipping price appears correctly in () after the shipping type name in dropdown, but the cost isn't applied to order, wether I clic for next step or on "update" button.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Does this happens on clean 5.1.1 install. Maybe checkout templates were
    changed in "advanced" theme in 5.1.1 version.

  2. Phil,

    Try replicating this on Beta if possible.


  3. I forgot to add that the problem occurs even using a 1.1.1 theme just
    downloaded from inportal.

    I didn't tried yet on clean 511, (I don't have my dev machine actually and
    demo website is read-only)

    2010/12/30 Dmitry A. <>

  4. Hi Dmitry,

    no, because I don't have my dev machine, and codes for this website are in
    it :S


    2010/12/30 Dmitry A. <>

  5. Hi,

    same thing reproduced in latest 5.1.2-beta1, please have a look at
    test product, try to order it, you'll see the same problem as
    described in my first message.


  6. Hi Phil,

    I have checked and it looks like you have specified "Shipping Type" by
    Weight and did NOT enter any actual weights for your test Product?


  7. that's right, I've exaclty reproduced my customer's case.

    The product weight is 0, and the shipping brackects starts at 0 too, then
    this should work, don't you think so?

    2011/1/13 Dmitry A. <>

  8. No Phil, here is the conditions:

    1. if you try to specify Weight as 0 for the Product you would get "Weight -
    Field is out of range, possible values from 0 (exclusive) to ∞"

    2. if you do NOT specify weight at all (empty) - system can NOT calculate
    shipping using By Weight type.

    In other words, you can't have product Weight 0. What you see in brackets is
    the same - starts with 0, but excludes the 0.

    To make this whole conversation make more sense and less time I would
    recommend describing the whole picture. For example:

    1. I am trying to accomplish this....

    2. This is how I am doing it and it does not work.

    Currently, you have skipped the 1st part :)


  9. well, thanks for the detail, it's still a bug for me, because it means that
    you need to indicate the weight for your whole catalog, otherwise products
    with 0 weight are eligible to free shipping.

    Just imagine you sell computers parts. You'll enter the weight for your big
    flat screens, but not for your sata<>ide adapter.
    And you still want the customer to pay at least the price of the first
    bracket for this product.

    We have a "free shipping" field in shipping mode, and also the ability to
    setup "0" as cost for the first bracket, that's why I think it shouldn't
    lead to a free shipping out of these cases, because it's totally unclear for
    users (and at least for me). If you ad the fact it wasn't working like this
    before, then me and my users are lost :s

    2011/1/13 Dmitry A. <>

  10. Hi Phil,

    Actually, it was like this since day one and we have worked with this in
    many projects. If you make your Shipping to be working by the Weights it
    means you are going to enter the weights for all the items. We have clients
    selling little things and even those still enter the weight because they
    have decided to charge by Weight and get real estimates.

    In your case, I would recommend to pick one method how you are going to
    calculate shipping cost - may be weights are NOT the right one for your
    client or use a "Base Fee" field to add Handling fees. After all it's not
    hard to find al products without the weight specified if needed.

    Also, I think there is an important point you have overlooked. Currently we
    have multiple Types (by weight, by item, by amount, handling) for Custom
    Shipping and you need to review them all before trying to change even one
    since that whole calculation is more complex than you imagine.

    In other words, I have no problem with reviewing and redoing the Shipping
    Calculation system, but we need a solid research, plan and so on since it's
    a global thing and not a minor change.


  11. Dmitry,

    I totally agree on the fact that each customer must think about his
    shipping cost strategy before doing any move, and I prompt exactly
    this to my customers.

    However, you are wrong about the fact it always worked like that, I
    wrote in my post it was after an update that I had this problem, and
    if you are not sure, please have a look at my test product on , try to order it, shipping cost
    are added while product is 0 weighted.

    The behavior you are describing "as old as In-Portal itself" is
    completly new in fact :)


    2011/1/13 Dmitry A. <>:

  12. Hi Phil,

    I have tested what we have in In-Portal + In-Commerce 5.1.1 and 5.2.1-Beta1
    (used official In-Portal beta) and it seems that both are working exactly as
    you are expecting. You are welcome to test on Beta yourself.

    Also, I want to related to your another discussion which is VERY related to
    this issue + has some screenshot takes by me.

    Here is a link -


  13. Hi Dmitry,

    same thing here, it works only for USA, for other destinations,
    shipping price is correctly shown in dropdown shipping, but isn't
    applied, as described in my post (but I forgot to say I was testing
    with another destination country).

    And you are right, it's related to this other discussion: shipping
    engine is broken, wheter we use handling fee or weight calculation.


    2011/2/3 Dmitry A. <>:

  14. Maybe you've enabled metric system, where one textbox (in kg) is displayed
    instead of 2 textboxes (in lbs and ounces)?

    Also maybe products, where "Weight = 0" and "Weight NOT ENTERED" are
    threated differently during shipping calculations.

    Please take that into consideration and repeat your tests.

  15. please read carefully my post, the shipping engine acts differently
    when I select another country than USA.

    Then whatever the setup is, metric or not, the same shipping type
    should apply the same way for any countries enabled in shipping zone.
    It's not the case here.

    2011/2/3 Alexander Obuhovich <>:

  16. Hi guys,

    I believe I got to the bottom of this issue.

    Shipping Cost won't apply to the Order Totals for International orders using
    Custom Shipping Engine Types. All USA orders work just fine.

    The issue is related to purely integrated parts of USPS Shipping Engine
    which led to UpdateShippingTotals to malfunction for Custom Shipping Engine

    Phil, please find a fix attached in a way of patch.

    Task created for this issue:

    988: Shipping Cost won't apply to Order Totals for International order

    MINC-71 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    Alex, could you please review/test the task and patch.




  17. Wow. I wasn't expecting bug in there.

  18. patch tested OK as per my test on 5.1.1.

    2011/2/4 Alexander Obuhovich <>:

  19. Good.

    Now shipping stuff works on you website completely or there are other
    issues, discussed in separate discussions?

  20. I'll do more tests and let you know if we have a problem. this is one
    of my customer's website, that's why it was an urgent matter for me.

    2011/2/4 Alexander Obuhovich <>: