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  • Phrase Not Translated [5.1.2-B1]
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Imported From:

Section: Configuration -> Website -> Countries and States
Column: ISO Code
Phrase: !LA_COL_ISOCODE! Not Translated

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  1. Thanks for noticing.

    Phrase is translated, but sadly it's located in In-Commerce module and not
    Core, so when no In-Commerce installed we don't have a translation either.

    Instructions for fixing:

       1. perform install with In-Commerce
       2. edit phrase and change it's module to Core
       3. do separate export of Core and In-Commerce language packs (only admin
       and both phrases)
       4. merge them with existing language packs under
       core/install/english.lang and modules/in-commerce/install/english.lang
       5. add appropriate sql into modules/in-commerce/install/upgrades.sql that
       will change the module of existing phrase

  2. Hi guys,

    Thanks for noticing and discussing the issue.

    Since most of Language / Phrase tasks are minor I have created one General
    task for all Phrase/Translation related issues to be fixed in upcoming
    In-Portal 5.1.2 release. I have already described  there what needs to be
    done in regards to the issue reported by Slava.

    985: English Language pack for 5.1.2

    INP-798 - Getting issue details... STATUS