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  • Review "Approve/Decline" label usage
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In-Portal has nice Approve (green hand) and Decline (red hand) toolbar
buttons all around the system. Problem is, that only user action on
Front-end can be approved/declined later by administrator in admin console.

For example what could mean Approve/Decline buttons in Agents list. I bet
naming them Enable/Disabled will make them more understandable.

Maybe there are other placed in the system, where incorrect naming is used.

Also PortalUser.Login field may need to be renamed to PortalUser.Username,
since "Login" is also a translation of a button on login form.

Best Regards,


  1. Hi Alex,

    Yes, I believe we should review titles for Approve/Decline buttons.
    Important to note that in most cases we actually need Enable/Disable instead
    of Approve/Decline in all grids...


  2. I also had difficulties in translation, yes we should change
    translation in some cases like you related.

    2011/3/8 Dmitry A. <>: