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  • [in-commerce] Affiliate Plans - can't save percent [5.1.0]
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Nikita recently fixed this in a project. Here is the original bug report: 

  1. I added an Affiliate Plan via Affiliates -> Affiliate Plan (ID: 1)
  2. On the Brackets tab, I setup the following:

    From Amount
    To Amount
  3. I saved the Affiliate plan.
  4. I edited the Affiliate plan, opened the Brackets tab and saw that all of the Percents reset to 9.99. 

Nikita can explain more exactly what was fixed, but as far as I understood,  it had to do with how MySQL now stores DECIMAL(3,2) fields. This was also  fixed in a couple other tables with the same problem.

Original bug report was for version 5.1.0. Also tested on 5.1.2-beta2.

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