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  • [in-commerce] Using Affiliates table during installation before it's created [5.1.3-RC1]
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I've noticed, that since 5.1.3 version we've got 1 more error during installation:

SELECT wbf_Affiliates.*, (u.PortalUserId) AS `UserId`, (IF( LENGTH(u.Login), u.Login, '')) AS `UserName`, (ap.Name) AS `PlanName`, (wbf_Affiliates.LastPaymentDate) AS LastPaymentDate_date`, (wbf_Affiliates.LastPaymentDate) AS `LastPaymentDate_time`, (wbf_Affiliates.LastOrderDate) AS `LastOrderDate_date`, (wbf_Affiliates.LastOrderDate) AS `LastOrderDate_time`, (wbf_Affiliates.CreatedOn) AS `CreatedOn_date`, (wbf_Affiliates.CreatedOn) AS `CreatedOn_time` 
FROM wbf_Affiliates 
LEFT JOIN wbf_PortalUser u ON wbf_Affiliates.PortalUserId = u.PortalUserId 
LEFT JOIN wbf_AffiliatePlans ap ON wbf_Affiliates.AffiliatePlanId = ap.AffiliatePlanId 
WHERE (`wbf_Affiliates`.PortalUserId = '-1')

happening from OrdersEventHandler::isAffiliate method on "Modules to Install" step. 

This is because installation wizard now uses the same method for logging user in as Front-End code. That's why I propose to skip affiliate checks during installation.

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  1. Hi Alex,

    Yes, this is a good idea to do that.

    Please create a task/patch for it. This should be simple.



  2. Here is the task:

    MINC-86 - Getting issue details... STATUS