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  • Change Approve/Decline to Enable/Disable in some Admin Console grids
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I'm proposing to Change Approve/Decline to Enable/Disable in some Admin Console grids.

Approve/Decline makes sense, when user is submitting something from Front-End, that needs to approved/declined in Admin Console.

However Discount list can't be changed from Front-end and Approve/Decline buttons doesn't fit there. But Enable/Disabled does.


  1. there's many other places where we could change this.

    For example, in all item grids, we have "approve/decline", while in the item
    details the choices are "active/pending/disabled".

    Also, I suggested in another post to add this third option "pending" to
    toolbar buttons.

    2011/8/5 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  2. Adding "pending" button doesn't make sense, since all items suggested from
    front-end are Pending already. You only need to accept them or decline then.

    Status value change isn't required here, since:

       - clicking "Approve" button will make "Status = Active"
       - clicking "Decline" button will make "Status = Disabled"

    You think, that statuses, like Approved, Pending, Declined would make more
    sense. About this I don't really know what is best from user's viewpoint.

    Since users an be created already in "Status = Active", then "Status =
    Approved" will look strange for them.

  3. but I wasn't thinking about naming these button "Activate/Pending/Disable".

    then click "activate" will activate selected items, and so on.
    This is not an "approve" action, since you don't review all items in details

    2011/8/5 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  4. I don't know. Let's wait for Dmitry's response on this before changing

  5. Hi guys,

    Yes, I agree with you here. We definitely need to review ALL Admin
    grid/sections and make necessary changes to use Enable/Disable where it
    makes sense.

    I believe the rule of thumb is the following: Approve/Decline is suitable
    where we have Pending option for the Status, all other cases Enable/Disable
    should used.


  6. Sounds good.
    On Sep 11, 2011 8:54 PM, "Dmitry A." <> wrote: